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WIDE Training Academy is an online platform offering certified programs in Moodle and other areas of e-learning. Professionals of all kinds trust the programs of WIDE Training from 2013 until today to be trained in Moodle by the leading elearning company in Greece. Programs are offered and supported in Greek and English, by certified Moodle Mentors from Moodle Headquarters.

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Since 2013


Program completion rate


Student satisfaction rate (4,6 of 5)


Program rating by students (4,76 of 5)


Mentor rating (4,9 of 5)


Applicability rate (4,5 of 5)


Recommendation rate (5 of 5)


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Our Graduates:

My mentor-assessor Yiannis Arapoglou was a really ‘mentor’ during this procedure and I thank him very much for that. I am deeply grateful for his help, encouragement and collaboration!

Both my mentors Yiannis Arapoglou and Vasilis Palilis were the pillars of the course. Through them I realized that it is not enough to have an excellent Moodle training course the human factor is always there and their guidance has proven very valuable to my path to finishing the course. They have both shown a commitment towards their students leaving no question unanswered and their valuable feedback has proven a key factor to my success.

The role of my mentor-assessor was catalytic. I wouldn’t have managed to complete the course if it weren’t for him. He was always supportive, encouraging, inspiring and extremely helpful. He was always there! I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor-assessor. Thank you so much, Mr Palilis.

Just completed my final exam successfully! A big “thanks” to my mentors for making this training a challenging but still enjoyable experience!

The mentors provide us their help through all the duration of the course.!!!

I believe that this learning experience help me to enrich my content using MOODLE tools, thus, my courses now are more effective and user’s friendly for my students.

My mentor, Vasilis Palilis, was always there for me, aiding my efforts to achieve my goals.
I find that teaching through the MOODLE platform has a positive impact on my teaching. It is a great tool in the hands of every teacher, as long as they are familiar with MOODLE. Students also need to have a culture to leverage IT technologies to enhance their knowledge and skills, and not just consider technology as an entertainment tool.

The seminar helped me design courses in our Learning Management System which include all stages of learning transfer: before, during and after training. This happened by growing our Moodle courses with activities that a learner may undertake before and after the course completion. So, I believe that with this way we are giving to our learners meaningful training opportunities.

Your feedback demonstrates your expertise as a facilitator and mastery in supporting learners to develop their digital competence with Moodle. I appreciate how you acknowledged the learner’s accomplishments and provided resources and information to improve and develop their teaching practice. This is incredible work and shows your dedication to the participants in your courses.
Your approach is an excellent example of breaking down the key aspects of the MEC to create a personalized learning pathway for your participants – it’s a thoughtful approach to support learners!

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