Thank you very much for your great participation! No less than 800 of us attended the webinar “An Introduction to Gamification” on 02/02 with speaker Vassilis Palilis, Director of the WIDE Training Academy (

WIDE Services thanks Moodle HQ for the great cooperation and co-organization of the event!

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Our team has published an article on how gamification can enrich a well-structured e-learning process by increasing learner engagement. We also explore the modern technology educational environments.

In the website of the CPD Certification Service you will find our article entitled “Gamified education/training and the frameworks of AI, AR, VR and Blockchain”. It was prepared by Vasilis Palilis, our director of the WIDE Training Academy and it consists of 2 parts.

The first part “Well-structured e-learning process” is available here and the second part “About gamified education/training” is accessible here.

We hope you enjoy it and find interesting features and steps to support you in your work.

WIDE Services in collaboration with Moodle organizes on Wednesday 02/02 at 14.00 Greek time the webinar “An Introduction to Gamification” with speaker Vassilis Palilis, Director of the WIDE Training Academy (

The webinar will be a live broadcast by Moodle Academy Headquarters and will provide information on what gamification is, how to create a Moodle game, as well as examples of good practice.

With great experience and specialization in how playful educational content is produced and how educators can make their teaching attractive and fun, Mr. Palilis will highlight the benefits of gamification, as he analyzes these in the certified educational program of WIDE Training “Gamification with Moodle”

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