WIDE Services is awarded for the second time the “Education Contributor of the Year 2023” Moodle Partner Award, during MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona!

The Moodle Partner Awards started in 2019, where WIDE Services won the same title for the first time among more than 100 certified Moodle partners from more than 50 countries around the world.

It is an institution that acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable contribution of Moodle Partners in helping educational institutions and organizations transform or enhance their eLearning platforms and services in the eLearning sector.

This year’s distinction among the global network of certified Moodle Partners came at a pivotal time for our company, its 10th anniversary.

We are particularly proud of being recognized, for one more time, for our dedication to providing high quality, tailored eLearning solutions!

Our team is committed to keep up the great work, constantly evolving our services and setting even higher goals for the future.